Packaging sourcing,

Sourcing your packaging has never been easier.

The Process


Efficiency doubled

With Packitoo, finished the tortuous and unsuccessful bids. Discover new vendors and new business opportunities without a fuss. Deposit your need all at once and in a few minutes; we take care of the rest.

Competitive prices

You have a packaging need and our manufacturers want to optimize their order books. It's great for everyone, and that means the best business opportunities for you.

Distinguish yourself

Because you save time on low value-added tasks, you can focus on the essentials: gaining creativity and generating innovation. Perfect to differentiate.

The expertise at your service

Packitoo is also a team of technical experts and packaging designers. Need to optimize your specifications? Need to turn a simple idea into a beautiful packaging? Our teams are at your disposal.

Expertise from…

years of experience
+ 1000
orders placed
+ 200
manufacturers among the community

The Community above all

Packitoo federates the community of the best manufacturers and distributors of packaging in the World. Because entrusting the manufacturing of its packaging requires a bond of confidence, Packitoo maintains with the members of its community of real good relations. In other words, Packitoo works closely with them and asks the right questions for you. Finally, the Packitoo community is also you; who share your experiences with us, and other brands to inform their decision-making.



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