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Add a touch of philosophy, sprinkle with strong values, finish with some feedbacks. It is the « About us » section.

A few words from the founders


Thomas Othax

To source a standard 100mL jar, I once had to give 12 phone calls (request for catalogs, prices, samples), write 4 reminder emails and finally understood, three months later, that not a single distributor I knew could answer my request properly; unless I ordered way too many products. That happens all the time when it comes to sourcing a packaging. And I do believe that new digital tools and practices can help us solve this kind of issue.


Corinne Loustalet

I have been growing my packaging company for the last 15 years with this relentless ambition to find new customers and make more deals. Yet, doing so is hard work, somewhat tedious, sometimes frustrating. When it comes to packaging, prospecting phone calls, emailing campaigns and presentation meetings have poor results and are time-consuming. With today’s technologies, Packitoo will help the manufacturers to enter open tenders for packaging, at the right time. I bet that the savings they will do on their commercial expenses will be transferred to the R&D departments and their tools, which will help them win tomorrow’s bids.

How it all began…

When the packaging dances on « paquito »’s beat…

Both our founders come from the South West of France. Both have always known this famous song and dance from there called “Paquito”. You know? This collective Basque dance where people sit down and dance, while others jump on them to move forward.

Well, in our “Paquito”, you are the dancers. First, there is our community of packaging manufacturers and traders. We develop real strong relationships and ask them the right questions. Then, it is us, the Packitoo team who has 20 years + of experience in the packaging industry, from packaging design to manufacturing, both from manufacturers and brands’ points of view. And eventually, it is you, the brands, who trust us and dance with us.

Let’s jump on top of us, we won’t let you down!

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