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packitoo What packaging products can I supply through Packitoo?

Packitoo is at an early stage of development and is growing every day. Currently, custom packaging products are mainly secondary packaging. Our online tool is building a community of suppliers specialized in boxes, cases, over-packaging, POS, shopping bag in many materials (paper, cardboard, metal, wood, fabric, jute...). But very soon, other product ranges will be available!
Inspirations Gallery

To post your brief on our website, you must create a Client account, for free. Once your account is created, you can access your personal space where you can submit your briefs and interact with suppliers of our community. The submission of your brief takes between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on the complexity of your request. At any time, you can discuss with our experts, who are here to guide you in this process. Submit your brief online
You can also create a brief from the Inspiration Gallery.
If you like an Inspiration, you can finalise its settings by clicking on "Customise". The technical brief will be pre-filled with the technical information of the Inspiration and you will only have to specify its settings.

packitoo What are the Packitoo Inspirations for?

Packitoo creates a gallery of images and technical information for custom packaging. You can use the filter option for the gallery, with many keywords and thus access ideas and innovations packaging very simply. By clicking on an Inspiration, you can access its technical settings and immediatly obtain price estimates (*). If a product interests you and you want to finalise its settings, you can do it from the gallery.
(*) Information only for Users with a Client Account.

packitoo What is a price estimate made by Packitoo?

Packitoo consolidates pricing information on all types of custom packaging.
Our Artificial Intelligence Development and Research team develops algorithms to make immediate price estimates on custom packaging. If Packitoo suggests a price estimate of a package, it always comes with a level of reliability. The higher this level, the more likely it is that the price estimate will match the final price of the manufacturer.
If Packitoo considers that it has too little information to estimate the price of a packaging, then no estimate is proposed.

packitoo Does the price estimate of a packaging corresponds to the final price I will pay for a custom packaging?

The price estimate provided by Packitoo does not correspond to the final price offered by a Supplier. Of course, we aim at having the most reliable price estimate so that it corresponds to the final price. However, many parameters can create a gap between a price estimate and a final price (production seasonality, variation in raw material prices, modification of machine park, etc.). Starting from this price estimate, you can meet the Suppliers to finalise the quote and get the final price

packitoo What are the response times for suppliers?

The response time to receive the quotations of the Manufacturers of our community is fixed at 5 working days, once our experts validated your request. When you validate your brief:
- Our experts check the consistency of your request and then validate it or come back to you during the day.
- Once your brief is validated, we connect it to the best suppliers, who can join your project and enter their quotation within 5 working days.
You're in a hurry? Contact us to accelerate the offer process.

packitoo I am a Client, how much does this service cost?

By default, the sourcing and development service is free*. If our team of experts assesses that your brief is inconsistent or too incomplete to obtain quotations from Suppliers, we will get back to you to get more information on your project. If you need the Packitoo Lab’ to help you design your custom packaging, we formalise a methodology and a suitable commercial proposal. Visit the Packitoo Lab’
* if no personalised support from the Packitoo Lab’ is deemed necessary by our experts.

packitoo What is the Packitoo Lab’?

Packitoo is not only a web application. Since our creation, we have a team of experts and pack designers able to support the Clients in the development of their custom packaging project from start to finish: conceptualisation, design, corporate identity packaging, documents of execution, project monitoring ...
Visit the Packitoo Lab’

packitoo Why using the services of the Packitoo Lab’?

It is essential to have a well-designed custom packaging. This requires skills and experience.
A good packaging increases the sales for most physical products. Indeed, it increases the perceived value of your products and ensures the growth of your sales. When it is properly designed, packaging costs less, is more ecological, better adapted to your logistical constraints (e-commerce packaging). Thus, Packitoo Lab’ can increase your sales and margins. In short, it is a high return investment.

packitoo Who are the Packitoo users?

Packitoo builds two communities of people that are firmly packaging- oriented:
- Clients, from start-ups to large groups, who seek to optimise their time in the research and production of their custom packaging, to optimise their budget by discovering, project by project, the best manufacturers able to fulfill their needs.
- Packaging Manufacturers, from the local printer to the global manufacturer, who seek to discover new customers who have custom packaging projects corresponding to their industrial capacity and their commercial strategy.

packitoo How are the Suppliers members of your community selected?

Packitoo knows and works closely with all the Manufacturers who are members of our community. We make sure to reference only suppliers of quality, who are in line with our commitments. We make sure to put you in contact with professionals specialised in their fields (materials, printing techniques, manufacturing techniques) but also in terms of production capacity (small, medium, large series).

packitoo How many Suppliers are referenced on Packitoo?

We currently work with nearly 250 custom packaging Suppliers.

packitoo Where are the Suppliers of the Packitoo Community located?

The Suppliers members of our community come from all over the world, mainly from Europe (France, Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe) and Asia (China, India, Vietnam, etc.).

packitoo Can I get in touch directly with the Suppliers? How?

Once a Supplier has joined your project, you can communicate with him via the project chat, in a private way. You can also contact him by other means if you want to. To avoid any misunderstanding and potential error, we invite you to keep a written record of all your communications with the Supplier on the Packitoo website, either via the chat or via your brief.

packitoo An offer from a Supplier interests me. How can I place the order?

By clicking on "Choose" in the "Quotes" page of your project, you notify the supplier of your choice that he is selected for your project. This is not an electronic signature of a quote. You can then ask the supplier for his quote, on the header, to sign it and return it via the project page. Then initiate the last necessary steps to start the production.

packitoo My IDs do not work, what should I do?

Do you see an error message when trying to connect to your space?
First of all, please check that you have correctly entered your "email" and / or your "password" and that the "Shift" key is correctly activated or not. If it still does not work, we suggest you reset your security credentials by following these instructions:
- go to the login page of your space (Brand space / Manufacturer Space)
- click on the link «forgotten password»
- enter your email to receive instructions to reset it.
If the problem persists, please contact us by email at [email protected]

packitoo I forgot my password

If you forget your password, you can reset it very simply:
- go to the login page of your space (Brand space / Manufacturer Space)
- click on the link «forgotten password»
- enter your email to receive instructions to reset it.

packitoo What are the privacy policies of Packitoo? How to make sure that my personal information or that of my packaging projects is not released to anyone?

Suppliers must accept General Terms and Conditions of Sale when they register on Packitoo; which include strict privacy rules. Furthermore, a Supplier interested in your project must again accept confidentiality rules to join the project and obtain the detailed information and your professional information.
Extract of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale Supplier:
"Due to the sensitivity of the information of the Services Request, each Manufacturer will maintain strict confidentiality regarding the nature and content of the Services Request on the one hand, and the nature and content of his quotations, contributions and responses elements on the other hand. "

packitoo Is Packitoo liable in case of a production defect?

Packitoo is a digital tool that has a best endeavours obligation to effectively connect Clients and Suppliers for each custom packaging project registered on the platform.
Although Packitoo provides powerful and useful tools to avoid any error in the production of custom packaging, Packitoo cannot be held liable for any defects or manufacturing delays. This liability may be the one of the Clients or the Suppliers depending on the case.

packitoo What to do in case of a dispute?

Packitoo does not let anyone down. Whether you are a Client or a packaging Supplier, in case of dispute do not hesitate to contact our customer service by email at [email protected] or by phone at +33 (0) 5 33 09 13 94. We will make our best to process and resolve this situation as quickly as possible.

packitoo How can I make sure that my brief has been filed?

When you validate your brief, a project space is created. Your brief is in "Validation", that is to say that our packaging experts are going to read over it to solve any question that may have Suppliers when they receive your project. In any case, our experts come back to you to notify the launch of the call for tenders within our community of suppliers, as soon as possible.

packitoo You do not find an answer to your question?

Let us know by contacting us by email at the following address: [email protected] or at

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